Direct Primary Care

What is DPC (Direct Primary Care)?

Direct primary care is a health care model in which family medicine physicians provide complete primary care services for a set monthly fee. It could be used as an alternative or in addition to traditional health care plans.

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Primary care services included in DPC membership:

  • unlimited scheduled doctors’ appointments
  • preventive health care
  • acute and chronic disease management
  • sick visit for infants and children
  • annual physical exam
  • school, sports and workplace physicals
  • mental health
  • women’s health
  • skin tag removal
  • crotherapy (wart freezing)
  • ear wax removal
  • ingrown toenail removal
  • simple laceration repair
  • incision and drainage for abscess
  • birth control implant (see note)
  • skin biopsies (see note)
  • large joint injections (see note)

Alternative care services including in DPC membership:


Members can receive free chiropractic treatments up to 4 times per month. (This cannot be rolled-over to the next month.)


Members can receive acupuncture treatments with a special discounted price of $40 per treatment.

* Birth control implants should be purchased from pharmacy for additional fee, but the administration for procedure is covered by membership.​
* The price of specimen analysis from skin biopsy is not included in a monthly membership fee. Patient will receive a fee statement from a third-party lab.​
* Joint injection medication should be purchased from clinic for additional fee, but the administration is covered by membership.

What is included in DPC?

  • EKG
  • urine pregnancy test
  • urine analysis
  • strep rapid test
  • influenza rapid test

What is NOT included in DPC?

  • price of implants
  • price of medications
  • imaging
  • advanced lab work that requires sending patients or patient’s samples to outside testing facilities
  • hospitalization or ER visit
  • major surgeries
  • specialist office visit

Is it a type of insurance?

No, it is not. It is a package of medical services offered by the DPC provider and does not include or cover any medical services outside of DPC office.

Enrollment and First Month Member Fee

There is one-time enrollment fee of $100 per billing account(one per family, even if you add members later).

The first month payment is a combination of the $100 enrollment fee plus the first month’s prorated membership fee. The member fee is prorated for the remainder of the month based on the day that your enrollment is approved. This charge, the enrollment plus membership fee, is processed immediately upon membership approval. The enrollment fee is nonrefundable.

Membership Fees

Child * (17 and younger): $50/month
Adult (18 – 64): $100/month
Adult (65 and above): $130/month

* Children must be enrolled in a plan with at least one adult member. Parental consent is required for patients under the age of 18.
* Family Rates: First child is full price, each additional child gets a 50% discount.

  • Membership fees are paid by the calendar month on an ongoing basis until cancellation. Payment of membership fees is required to remain an active member and receive service.
  • ALL members must enroll for Auto-Pay of invoices with a Credit or Debit Card. Due to our low staff and low overhead business model, we cannot invoice or bill membership or other fees. Auto-Pay date is the 1st day of each month.
  • Memberships require NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS or commitments. However, cancellation and re-enrollment may require a fee as noted below.


You may cancel your membership at anytime for any reason by written notice. All charges, including membership fees, will continue to accrue until notice of cancellation is given.


If a member discontinues membership by choice or lack of payment, the member may rejoin in the future but may be required to pay an “Re-Enrollment” fee of $200 per member in addition to other standard charges to re-establish your membership(s) as active.

Miscellaneous Charges

All services are not covered by membership fees including the following: labs, imaging, select procedures, medications, etc.

Is it a term contract?

No, it is not. Membership is effective as long as monthly dues are paid on time. Membership could be cancelled voluntarily at any time with a written notice or when failed to pay a monthly due.

Eligibility Restrictions

DPC membership is an innovative health care solution serving most men, women and children by providing comprehensive primary health care services but due to regulatory restrictions, it may not be available to those who are eligible for or enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid or other government health programs.